Artist's Statement

What I am increasingly after is the visual language of a narrative without a story, a clear space for many implied narratives. Add to that the importance of formal considerations …abstraction, abstract considerations, composition, positive/negative, figure/ground ambiguities, and what gets revealed particularly when one is cutting paper and cardboard, through collage. Now the problem with collage is so much of it can look almost quaint to me. My turning to collage was an utter necessity requiring something in addition to  drawing and paint.
Still, the act and practice of drawing from observation, or drawing from a sort of jumbled, fragmented, fractured observation, and what grows from discoveries, accidents, and occurrences, is fundamentally embedded in how I see the world.
While there has to be a reason for making the work, waiting for that reason would prevent the habit of working, which I have always found fundamentally necessary.
I’ve come to feel, recently, much of what I have said about my own work still skirts the issue or has been imprecise and kind of lets me, or the viewer, or anyone interested, off the hook.